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Welcome to the harsh and unforgiving world of a space western! Explore a wild and dangerous planet, become a mercenary for a soulless corporation or ally yourself with oppressed free colonists. Join the new Gold Rush and fight for your life.

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x4 Howdah (view original)

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This ugly but powerful gun was crafted by a local gunsmith from spare parts of two different models.
The lower two barrels are made from some more advanced shotgun and have modern mechanism: their strikers are cocked automatically as the action is closed.
The upper two barrels have older system: the shooter must cock it's exposed hammers manually.
There is no safety catch, but this disadvantage is partially compensated by the trigger, that is rather hard to pull. Initially there is also no extractor, so it takes about 2 seconds to reload the gun.
The x4 Howdah is designed to fire from two barrels at once (two lower than two upper barrels) with each pull of the trigger.
Detachable custom buttstock gives you additional stability and better recoil reduction (useful in combination with some specific ammo types) but excludes dual wield usage as a “pistol”.

It is notable, that some natives of K'tharsis are really fond of this type of guns, because they believe, that a bigger gun is a better one, and the big gun with many barrels is the best.
So you can find them using this model and other types of howdahs, decorated with intricate native ornaments and fetishes, which should magically improve the combat capabilities of the guns.

Creating this gun, we were inspired by the concept of real old howdah pistols, designed for hunters to be an emergency defense against big dangerous animals. It looks ugly, has painful recoil but it saves your life.

Now imagine yourself carrying 2 of them in your hands, each loaded with some special ammo, e.g. incendiary and antigravium-shots.
First make your enemies to levitate helplessly then set them on fire so they will regret they were born to this world!