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You're in the evil's mind. There's no escape. You're not sure what to do. You have to fight your fears, to your hell and to the evil itself. You're dead.

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Having played Nameless' previous games, I can say he is at horror games what Michael Bay is at action movies: an unimaginative creator ripping off mainstream elements to attract people. Evil is an attempt at reproducing what's been already done rather than innovating. Indeed, all you have for a scary atmosphere is a "creepy" background music with screamers (how original). The result is a mix of Cry of Fear/Afraid of Monsters bad tripping moments. That alone sounds to be a bad idea but could just end up being a correct but not ground breaking game. However, since the author is strongly determined to make his games look like cheap interactive DVDs (understand by that "games with stuff to click on to trigger what's next"), everything's ruined and espcially the jump puzzles: how many games will he spawn before finally realizing we can click doors from the other end of rooms ? Seriously, does he tests his own games or does he make them for the sake of having created "games" ?

This guy can barely walk, everythings put up in random places, you put random faces in places where they can't scare you, and this is just a really, really, horrible game.

Garbage. Can literally stand at the beginning of each room and click the door to the next. Doesn't lock mouse to screen so if you hit the edge of the screen you can't turn anymore. No storyline. You walk slower than a snail in glue and there's no way to go faster. Plus about halfway in there's audio that I assume is supposed to be scary? But it's of the author screaming into his ****-quality mic like a little kid on Xbox Live.

Also, most of the rooms seem to have been drawn in MS Paint. Along with basically everything else.

I'm new to the site and games of this nature. I really wanted to give this game a chance and find out it was actually really interesting. What I found was horrible jump controls, mouse over-sensitivity, and over-all lameness. The game looks like it came out of the mind of a thirteen year old marilyn manson fan who lives some where in the midwest and has too much time free time. The one jump scare made laugh, litterally. Most of the game made me laugh due to the thought that someone actually put time into making this. At least you don't have to suffer though much because you can use doors from the other side of the room to bypass most of the game.
Nameless either needs to do some serious reevaluation of their design ideas or needs to go out and learn some.

Conclusion: it sucks.

Awful. Evil makes absolutely no sense and it has no understanding of pacing or atmosphere. It simply throws arbitrary things at you repeatedly and excessively hoping that something will work. Atmosphere is the heart of horror, and Evil has none of it. Playing this game makes you wonder whether you're tripping heavy on some pretty severe drugs.

In a nutshell:
- The level design is highly questionable, and poor at worst.
- There's no clear objective at all.
- Nothing is explained leaving you absolutely clueless throughout and by the end. There's virtually no reason for any of the madness.
- The "scares" are so random and devoid of any elements that make horror genuinely creepy (such as pacing, build-up, tension, suspense, reason to be afraid, feeling of vulnerability, the unknown, isolation, etc) that you can't quite figure out if the game is comical or just bad.
- What is Slender Man doing in here? It's so out of place and randomly done that you can't help but just laugh.
- It's tiring to go through because you just don't understand anything, can't feel anything for it other than annoyance and most of the "scare" audio is just loud and cringe-inducing.

A lot of work needs to go into part 2 to salvage this. Perhaps inspiration should be taken from some of the great horror titles recently. Games like Slender, Cry of Fear, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Haunt, Baby Blues, Dream of the Blood Moon, The Labyrinth Game and more should all be considered to learn more about creating horror and building atmosphere.


MarsShadow says

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This game should be called "Free headache"
I found almost nothing good about it, that voice is annoying as hell. And it had no real story, and the jumping controls were awful.
Now, I need to give it a fair judgment right? The idea was solid, just not done well,it's a mash of random scenes that don't reveal anything about why this is happening and the story. Now, not all games have to have a story to be scary right? While it would have been good if you had started the players out with no knowledge what-so-ever. But then gradually reveal the story, but no, it was just a game about walking.
Now some other things that should have been better
The models: I don't know if it was meant to be the style it was, but they just seemed like a dark texture, and a messy, brightly lit face on the head, the only model that was pleasant to look at was Slenderman, however he seems out of place in the game (and don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Slenderman fan)
However, it did scare me at times, but it just seemed rushed and not well thought out

My final word is that, this game being brought by the same people who made "Insert Title Here" you are experimenting with games, and I like that, but you should try to make a solid project before you play with the elements you are making, because without experience and a VERY well thought out plan, they will flop. A rare example of a experiment game becoming a success was the Stanley Parable.
So finally, try thinking about what you are planning to release before you make it and try to make a solid, fun game, even if it takes a long time

Sucks ****

Terrible terroble game. sorry!

Great ideas poorly executed.

Texture clipping, gameplay issues, game breaking bugs.
Just a little art gallery to walk through, whose art style reminded me a bit of AoM Nightmare levels.
The messed up video playing later on is nice, but since it's no original work, I can't add points for that.

Tips for chapter 2: Make the player faster, work on texture clipping issues and bring more gameplay into it overall. Doesn't have to be enemies, but a puzzle would've been nice.

bad level design
awful platforms
can click a door from far away
not scary
ear killing sounds

and all of that makes a bad game

1 out of 10