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An abstract first-person physics platformer which has you survive in a variety of environments against forces beyond your control that are tearing the world apart

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Very good! You really got feeling "must survive" there.

Idek man


snas121k says

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I love this game! It is very simplistic straight to the point, and surprisingly hard to play if your a beginner. I see so much improvement for this game!


Wonderful, terrifying atmosphere. That wave is coming, and it is super ominous and threatening. Try to survive in the meantime the giant things in the sky that are tearing apart your little island. Don't Drown.


I would put 1 but I'm new. It is probably a good game but it won't download


A small game (less than 11 megabytes) with little textures, sounds and game mechanics however still a very fun game considering its simplicity!

The goal is to survive the apocalypse, while something supplies you with food and technology, you'll have to avoid that death beam that causes instability in the terrain and you can die by falling off the map.

A bit challenging considering your food obviously decreases overtime and you'll have to collect more whilst avoiding falling off the world.

8/10 - recommended, hope to see any more future updates, really cool game.


NJE says

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The game feels like it has a ton of mystery and deeper meaning! It's so fun also, like an arcade game. I keep coming back to it no matter how many time i beat the entire TWO levels. I would give a 10/10 if the game was longer. Maybe make it so if you beat levels different ways, you can affect the way the story progresses, that would be cool!

This game needs to be updated - And I am not saying that this game is bad the way it is. I LOVE this game. The only downfall is I have beaten the game 3 times and I want more. 10/10

This game is EPIC!!!
not to say but tech is the tool you need for making the game easy
food is like tech but much much much much more important and will keep you alive
survival is, well basicly the timer till you finish the level

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Very good! You really got feeling "must survive" there.

Jan 20 2014 by Chelnok