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Dwarf Quest revisits classic dungeon crawling experiences. Play as Morrin Firebeard, proud dwarven warrior. Explore forgotten dungeons, slay terrible monsters and find glorious treasure! Will you be able to survive, and ultimately track down the undead wizard Azar?

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First Words: This one is a lot of fun and definitely worth the small price. $3.99 is a great deal for this game.

Graphics & Display: The view angle in Dwarf Quest reminds me of a few old games I played back in the day on the Commodore 64 or such. Knight Lore was one that comes to mind. I never liked that view angle back then, but that might have been due to the graphics quality of the day because Dwarf Quest is beautiful and I simply love the way the game is displayed. The graphics are sharp and relay the feeling of being in a dwarven stronghold like Moria from the Lord of the Rings. But, don't say "Oh, this is just another dungeon delve!" because there are also some outdoor (wintery) environments to visit and explore. Overall I love the games graphics, visual layout, it just fits the atmosphere that the game is trying to portray.

Music & Sound Effects: The music is very atmospheric and gives you that deep, dark foreboding feeling as one explores the seemingly endless halls while on thy quest. It can keep your heart racing slightly as it combines that eerie music with some nice sound effects such as the sounds of your footsteps on the stone floor, to bashing open barrels and fighting the dark denizens of the deeps.

Gameplay: So, with all that how is the actual gameplay????

The answer is... "EXTREMELY FUN!" It is very easy to pick up the game and how it works. No need for reading an instruction manual. Everything operates (point & click) from the mouse. The game has that ability to keep you itching for more. You want to take a break, but just HAVE to see what lies beyond the next area. The game does a nice job of mixing a computer and boardgame with the neat inclusion of cards. When you discover treasure you may find coins or a weapon, armor, healing, attack, defense cards, and more. You will certainly use them on your quest and they do come in handy.
Combat is turn based and allows you to use effect cards during the battles.

Out of characters,

I like Dwarfs with man boobs.


Very nice dungeon crawler, separated in rooms. Lot of content (potions aтв stuff) to pick, enemies is moderately hard.
Oh well, i cannot say its very best game i ever tried, since i'm not fan of such games, but its really worth to try.

Love the old school dungeon grind and this is perfect for someone like me. Make more games like this and you'll always have me buying them :)


One of the very few games I've actually finished, I think it says something about this game. It was an enjoyable experience.


Fun game. Enjoyed the bit I played thus far immensly.


Not sure how everyone is praising this game so highly. Graphics and sound are ok however gameplay is super super shallow. You have simple simple combat with a few meager cards thrown in that give you a boost. Thats the entire game in a nutshell. The "combat" is dull and super boring. Boring. You have an ax and shield you go up to an enemy and click till he dies or you do. If you should die the game revives you with zero health back and sets you one room back? Whats the point of this? To make your head explode? Bad design.

Bad game and lazy to boot. Lazy. Driftmoon is another game like this however driftmoon has deeper combat and more difficulty levels. I have tried to like this game however I dont like any of the gameplay. To simple and boring.

too short for a 4 euro game and no bonus or extra. the original for amiga is best and much hard to play


This game was very enjoyable for me. In all honesty I had no idea what kind of game it was when I bought it, though I thought I did, or how long it was going to be and honestly I was satisfied with both the gameplay and just about everything else about it.

I bought this game 1) because it was cheap (I mean come on who doesn't look for cheap games every now and again) 2) I saw a let's player start a series of it but he hasn't uploaded past the first episode and he caught my interest and made me want to play it and 3) because I needed a game to record that I could pick up and put down and any time and also grade a good time for stopping points in videos.

Dwarf Quest was an all around fun experience and I played through the entirety of the game in a single sit through. Good job is all I can say and I hope for more soon!

If you would like to check out my videos for a first look at the game from me it will be uploaded to my YouTube channel in a few days. Just search www.youtube.com/GamerKnoob and enjoy the game as much as I did. :D

Keep it up!


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