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There’s no better disguise than looking exactly like your enemy: Dungeon Gate is an upcoming PC fantasy RPG, featuring the possibility of giving its players the opportunity to shape-shift into their enemies and even into any NPC creature to get unique opportunities to win battles and solve the game. Imagine approaching a horde of mummies, giant scarabs, slimes or any other of the more than 40 foes in this 3D fantasy RPG – and being able to sneak right into the center of the group, because your character looks exactly like your enemy and is even able to use the same special abilities, powers and weapons, as long as your energy allows it. Shifting into any NPC is a unique gameplay approach Dungeon Gate offers to the gaming community. In Dungeon Gate, players don’t select a class for their character, but rather train the skills of the character classes they drained the DNA from and now can shape-shift into. This opens up a huge set of skills, abilities and special powers.

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I've never had so much hatred towards a game company until I met the shady Stephane a.k.a Wild Game Studios (Your worse than Hammerpoint Interactive & The Postal 3 devs), Every game you make sucks

Won't start, just goes to black screen after I hit play.


This game is very good and honestly reminds me of elder scolls but is alot better than that. Keep up the good work guys! Oh and did you guys make anything else?

Overall a very cool game!
Nice Graphics, lovely Sound and bascally good controlls.

But I found some minor issues till now:
-I miss a slider for mouse sensitivity
-Sprinting is only toggleable
-Some lightning problems in some houses (may be only on my machine)
-Textures look not the best on my 24" Display


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