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Dragonspawn is a first person shooter set in a medieval fantasy world and is a lighthearted parody of many modern games, it contains a fair amount of of crude humour, so it should not be taken seriously and isn’t recommend for the faint of heart or serious of temperament. In Dragonspawn the player assumes the role of a prisoner within Dragonspire Citadel, an ancient fortress ruled by an unnatural race of Dragon-men. Using a range of over one trillion unique randomly generated weapons, the player must escape and slay the naughty Dragon that guards the tower.

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kabeltelevizio says

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Still seems quite unfinished. Animations, lack of tutorial, fuzzy controls, enemies still need work and the general look and feel is missing.


RaptorJesusGames says

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There are lots of good mechanics in this game, and the humour is awesome. I encountered few glitches, but like any game, it has its setbacks. Grabbing loot that dragons had dropped was hard, and sometimes you had to wait until the corpse dissapeared to grab it. Also, combat needed work. Overall though, great game.


Invader01 says

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Games like that are the reason I love indie games so much. As a fan of Borderlands series I really enjoyed it. The game might not be long but in every minute I was seriously fascinated. Keep up the good work.

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