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This is an open-world multiplayer Dragon Ball MMO where you can do absolutely anything you want whether it's dominating the world, building traps, becoming the world tournament champion, a hero, or even becoming a dark overlord who rules over the world. You can make bases to store valuable loot. Guard your bases with turrets and/or real player bodyguards if they are willing to help you protect your base. Build a league and train with others. There are many races to choose from each of which has different advantages & disadvantages. - Unlimited Character Customization - Import Models/Character Models. - Rule over the galaxy. - Many planets. Credits: - Tens Of DU - Team7Star - Only Reality. Protect your base/home from others who want to break in and steal your valuables. There are many different races that you can choose from and each race has their own set of adv

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Kawkawawka says

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All the reasons that other guy said the game were bad is why I think it is good. You are 100% free to do whatever you want in it. He says it is toxic and "racist" and "offensive" (who cares?). He says old players are stronger than new players, well duh they know more about the game. This is Dragon Ball is everyone supposed to be equal in power like a bunch of communists? There is a catching up system that allows anyone to reach the top in only 5 hours if you know what you are doing. Yeah the game has toxicity but there is a Good and Evil system and it's only the evil people who are able to harm you. The others can only say mean words and "racism".

He literally complains there are no word filters. Why should there be? Ever heard of freedom of speech? If someone says something you don't like how about you wreck them? Oh you can't because you are too weak because you don't know how to play the game? Learn to play then. This sort of communist SJW mentality is what is ruining games these days. He says people can build a house and trap you in it, this is true but does he not know there is a RETURN TO SPAWN command? Jeez. Just click it and you get taken back to your spawn, but there's a 30 minute cooldown between doing it. So what's the big deal? It's a good thing that you can trap people for a while. It's fun. Does he want a game with zero struggle in it?

My only big complaint about this game is the outdated engine it's made on. But if you like playing Super Nintendo-like games then it's okay.

Good things about this game:
Full sandbox, everything made by players: items, houses, technology.
High stat customization
Non-linear you just do whatever you want all planets are open to explore.
No power cap but there is a catching up system to help new players catch up
You can train other players and teach them your skills
High variety between races


spriggen1337 says

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Game is 100% pure cancer, u get banned from discord (since its a "dictatorship")and Tens the dev updates when he feels like it game is full of asshats and racists advised to NOT PLAY also its super pay to win

A honest review
This is not actually indicitive of the true gameplay at all this is just a fighting mechanic.
Everyone who has played for over 8 years knows the stat system very well and the skills too and it gets abused "newgen" players are discouraged because of the way the "oldgen" players treat them as a human toilet locking u up in boxes saying u cannot get out until u do them sexual favors(bravado yes but it still exists), give them actual real life money - buying ingame pax for them (the pax are technically illegal since this is a dbz reference game yet Tens has no real license to sell them so its done illegally) or simply forcing u to remake your character.
All the features of the game that are hidden in this gif are hidden for a reason like the chat everyone is racist or generally shows hate towards other people for being different like transgender gay jewish etc etc you get the point there's no filters on common derogatory words neither (and there wont be any filters. Tens prides himself on not making this in over 8 years why would he do so now!)
The building system is abused by building "boxes" in which u cannot get out of!
If this game had to go through ESRB ratings it wouldnt even get an "M" for mature since its to offensive!

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Tens_of_DU says

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This is the best Dragon Ball MMO I know of by far because it is the only one that seems to have ideas close enough to the anime to make it feel like Dragon Ball 10/10

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