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Become Dragon Ninja Byoka, thrust through time from a fantasy feudal Japan into a dystopian urban landscape, slice, jump and dash your way through intense platforming action to slay the Chaos Serpent and avenge your lost master.

Dragon Ninja Byoka is a retro, Indie Game platformer akin to the classic 1980s action platformers found on the Nintendo Entertainment System, upgraded with visceral combat and pixel-perfect platforming action.

Now available for Wishlist on Steam!

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IT'S RELEASED! Store.steampowered.com

I made the decision to release Dragon Ninja Byoka to Steam in advance of predicted goals. Over 70 handcrafted levels are built and ready for you to play and I am excited for you to follow Byoka and his journey to avenge his fallen master and stop the Chaos Serpent from undefining the universe.

Any issues that arise will be addressed with rapid patches. I will monitor the community channels for any feedback and hope to see you there! Please note that some patches may involve updating the game engine or levels and may invalidate playback recordings.

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Progress Update
Since the last progress update here are some additions into Byoka that made the final release:

  • Byoka Costumes have been added to the Settings
  • Weather and Wind effects
  • Addition of Bugsplat reporting software
  • More UI tweaks and fixes for Map navigation and Dialog boxes
  • Poison effects from new enemy types
  • Remaining plotline levels, achievements an cutscenes
  • New easter eggs
  • Alternate enemy sprites for variations
  • Upward Byoka Attack animation
  • Quality of Life improvements

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The Future
I am looking forward to the future of Dragon Ninja Byoka. Here are some intentions for the coming weeks and longer:

  • Official Soundtrack will be released next week to accompany the game
  • The addition of more challenge maps that are accessible post-story
  • A dedicated Linux edition

DRAGON NINJA BYOKA - Progress Update 2/9/22

DRAGON NINJA BYOKA - Progress Update 2/9/22


There has been lots of action on the DNB development front -- actually there has been for many months already! It was not until well into development...

DRAGON NINJA BYOKA 龍 integrates with Steam

DRAGON NINJA BYOKA 龍 integrates with Steam


DRAGON NINJA BYOKA has been released as Coming Soon to Steam.




I am very excited to bring DRAGON NINJA BYOKA to the IndieDB community to showcase this new Retro Platformer that has been in development for the last...

pontiacweiss - - 2 comments

The aesthetic of this game is calling me

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