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Dr. Bones is a game about a pug who loves collecting treasure. A randomly generated endless platformer that has you exploring locations around the globe, dodging traps, monsters and obstacles while you loot whatever you can from crumbling temples, crypts and sunken cities. Get the treasure into your bag to take it home with you but beware, taking that treasure might be more trouble than its worth; you don't want to get cursed!

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What enemies do you want to see? (Games : Dr. Bones: Pug Explorer : Forum : What enemies do you want to see?) New Thread
Obstacles in Tibet JamoGames JamoGames - read

Oct 30 2012


So far we have spotted yetis in Tibet, mummies in Egypt and ghosts at Stonehenge, but there is still so much left to see! What would you like to see in the game?