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Game about a washed-up Space Marine, science babes and slimy aliens...and of course zombies! <...insert mutants if you hate zombies...>

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Mar 23 2014 Anchor

Hi Guys and Gals,

Blake is a quirky character with a very short fuse and lots of firepower! But, when your planet is overrun by alien scum and the babes you were hitting on last night at the spaceport bar turned into zombies, guns alone aren't gonna cut it. What our hero needs is an endless supply of one-liners. Like in the good 'ol days.

Here are a few examples that we came up with since we started developing the world of Double Barrelled :

  • I wish there was an equipment slot to armor my ass!
  • He he he. This is gonna make some holes!
  • You gonna need a cutout shader from now on.
  • You should change your last name to Gibs. He he he.
  • Pixels...everywhere.
  • Clean up on isle 4!
  • Clean up on isle 6!
  • Clean up on isle 12!
  • Clean up on isle ...damn... Clean up all isles!
  • (After shooting a target) Give those to your mom, she likes hollow points.
  • (When near a babe) I'm no scientist, but there definitely some chemistry between us.
  • Guns don't kill stuff - unless I squeeze the trigger.
  • Are you wheezing at me?
  • Severe leakage problem.
  • (After throwing a grenade) Hold this for me, will ya?
  • Do yourself a favor and die while I reload...

We are always looking for more. If you have some ideas please post them here.

One request though. Please keep them clean. Refrain from profanity and offensive language.

- deVoid Team

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