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Devwill is a platform arcade game, with simple graphics and gameplay. All visuals are almost in black and white, with some details with some color saturation. The important aesthetic detail comes from the "old B&W movie" effect, screen scratches, old projector sounds, and features typical artifices black and white films, especially Nosferatu (1922) and Metropolis (1927), two landmarks of German Expressionism in cinema.

I'm very aware that such references are not new in the world of games: a famous game like Castlevania, for example, was inspired by movies like Nosferatu's and Bela Lugosi's films. Thinking about it, I also make reference to the movie "Creature from the Black Lagoon", horror film "B" of the 50's, an obvious inspiration for the Castlevania series. So I try to take up this practice of seeking inspiration in the cultural assets of the past, and I make this experience with the Aesthetics and narratives elements of Silent B&W movies.

The final version will feature more stages, bosses, narrative, and a password system to skip stages.

The game support USB generic gamepad

Default Controls:

Left/right Arrow Keys: walk

S: jump

D: fire

Video keys:

F11: toggle Fullscreen

F10: Change resolution (try to fit your Monitor)

[ and ´: (close to Enter) Change Brightnes

]: (close to Enter): toggle scanline filters on or off (only scanlines, the "old B&W movie effect is allways on, it's part of the intended aesthetics of the game)

ESC: Options and Quit menu (where you can remap the keyboard and gamepad)

Trouble shoot

Q:I experimenting problems with configurations, what can I do?

A: Delete de "Cabinet.ini" in the game Directori

Q:The first time I run the "Devwill.exe" on Windows 8 or 10 it asks me to instal "directplay", is it safe?

A:yes, ist a windows component, your OS will instal it from microsoft servers, it is safe and required

Q:The game runs in a small square, even in full screen. How can I make it expand to the entire screen?

A:DevWill runs in a square screen format, maximum 1025X1025. If you monitor is in a higher resolution the fast workaround is to: 1) Right click on "Devwill.exe" and go to properties. 2) In the "compatibildiade" tab check the "Run in 640X480 screen resolution" option, and apply the action. 3) Run the game, wait load, and press F10 until you have a resolution that best suits the new condition. or, if the drivers of your video card have some profile per game feature you can also use this feature.

Have fun.

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DevWill Demo

DevWill Demo


Devwill Demo www.downloadstudio.wixsite.com/games How to install: Just unpack the .rar file and run the exe. see the readme.txt for detailed instructions

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