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In devil Theory: Alpha, you play as Rebecca Delgado, a young girl trying to make a living during times of war. The game is strictly a solo RPG, meaning you control Rebecca and Rebecca alone. Fights are fast and frantic, requiring skill to defeat the enemies (up to 5 enemies in one battle) in each battle. Underneath the gameplay is an in-depth story told in the perspective of an older Rebecca, who is currently on the side of an enemy nation. Slowly, players will discover how this girl goes from a straggling run-away, to a soldier working for a malicious nation.

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The game was really great, to be honest it was a lot better than what I could have thought, from a rpg maker game. It's not like I don't like RPG Maker, but this one have a deep story and it is well made how Rebecca pass through it, I hope in the next part she find Gabe and Kensei :D

Trying not to execute Lynn affected something? I tried but in the end I had to execute.

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