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Dengen Chronicles is the most engaging Online Customizable Card Game in the Manga universe, including both TCG and RPG elements. Challenge real opponents in turn-based matches or play against the computer and gain coins and experience points! Four Manga families are in war: Ninja, Fantasy, Robot and School. Pick a side, create your deck of super customizable warriors and start spectacular fights. Play your saga! ✩ Free to play! ✩

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o jogo não te explica muito

Played few days straight. A lot of options are TBD, but overall I think the game is fun even though the odd numbers it uses just drive me crazy. I like nice numbers, I hate to work with a lot of primes.

Completely Pay to Win. To advance you have to get gold and/or crystals. To do that you have to beat other players in combat - which works fine until you encounter someone who has forked over cash.

At the mid levels, that's half the time. And worse the higher you get. Which means you lose, lose, lose. The occasional win against the person who hasn't paid to win isn't enough to make it fun.

Easy to understand TCG with excellent art and hours of immersive fun.


Waooo, Great Game and amazing graphics and GUI.

simply great!

Nice Game, need Spanish versión:3


Amazing card game! :) very addictive with RPC dynamics.


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