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Defense of Castle Chilly is a Virtual Reality game written specifically with room-scaling in mind. Use Archery and Magic to defeat hostile armies in this Adventure and Defense hybrid. Gameplay is challenging and the world is filled with secrets to discover.

The castle is a large fortress and city that exists on the border of two territories, it holds great cultural significance and endures regular skirmishes, it is the first line of defense from hostile factions and serves as a safe trading ground for many outland races.

Castle Chilly is designed to make full use of VR, this is a 100% room-scale walking experience, no 'blink' style teleportation or any other 'locomotion'. Instead, magic doorways and moving platforms are your passage to other rooms and areas, you'll be walking in circles and back and forth in the real world, but exploring a vast castle and battlefield in the virtual world. In other words, you traverse this world using your own two feet. (Additionally, the environment adapts to your available room space, ensuring your virtual world space closely matches your real world space).

Skill and intuition are a must if you expect to stand in the way of the invading forces.

The bow and arrow mechanics are far more involved than your average archery shooter - it's up to you to keep your quivers re-stocked, and to learn advantageous techniques like speed-loading, enchanting, as well as plenty of unadvertised tricks that I hope you get the pleasure of discovering yourself.

(or if you prefer, an Arcade play style is also available, which gives a more mainstream feel)

In Defense of Castle Chilly, the invading forces goal is the castle gate, so in that way this is a defender game, but they're not exactly going to just let you stop them - so you'll also need to defend yourself at times as well, while still ensuring the castle itself remains safe! whenever the enemy is busy regrouping, you are granted time to explore the inside of the Castle! find useful tools and upgrades to help you fight, discovering mystical rooms and unlocking the castles secrets and puzzles along the way.

The game also offers a story mode (adventure), which often takes you outside the castle walls and presents unique battle situations, puzzles and challenges. These encounters also unlock minigame modes for you to enjoy even more replay-ability and focus on those aspects of the game you enjoyed the most.

The overall experience is Defense, Survival, Adventure and Discovery.

Game Modes

  • Endless

    The goblin army mounts their attacks in progressively more difficult waves. There is time inbetween each wave for you to explore the interior of the castle to resupply, solve puzzles and explore. Items found within the castle may differ slightly each time you play.

    If you die, the game is over. If the castle gate is breached - you will fall back inside the castle to protect the throne until your inevitable defeat (see also 'Last Stand')

  • Last Stand

    This minigame allows you to skip the rest of the gameplay and go straight to a variation of the throne room scenario (this is when the castle has been breached, and it is your duty to protect the throne until your last breath).

    In 'Last Stand' there is no rest, and nowhere to run, just you standing between the throne and the invading forces. Kill as many as you can, survive as long as possible!

  • Deer Hunt

    This minigame gives you a break from the intense battles to do some simple hunting in the forest (where nothing is trying to kill you for a change). This game is a test of accuracy and patience. You start with 15 arrows, and will be awarded more if your accuracy is good enough. Your final score will be total game kills. Take your time, make the shot!

  • Campaign Demo

    Game is in Early Access, so included is a short preview of the campaign. The complete campaign is still being created and will not be made fully available until closer to full release (feedback and suggestions are very welcome!)

Play Styles

  • Classic Mode

    Take full advantage of the advanced archery techniques previously described. You have a Hip & Back quiver and must properly manage your supply of arrows. This allows for cool techniques like speed-shooting and spell stacking, and also means improved arrows can be found and used

  • Arcade Mode

    If you aren't too keen on reloading, or you find classic mode tedious or difficult, play Arcade instead - you have only a back quiver, and your arrows are unlimited (no reloading!), just casual shoot'em'up fun! however you won't be able to take advantage of advanced techniques or improved arrows. The interior of the castle will also be simplified to remove irrelevant items

Local Co-Op

You can have a buddy help you out with the keyboard/mouse or gamepad. The second player joins in as a small flying Fairy, capable of shooting magic bolts and casting spells designed specifically for assistance (The Fairy is a support character). Co-Op can be used on any main game mode and any play style (ie: Endless/Last Stand/Campaign), just press 'A' on your gamepad or 'Ctrl' on the keyboard or click the mouse to tag in as the Fairy. Spells include healing, shielding, fireballs and the ability to remotely guide the players arrows!

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