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D.A.T.O is a 2d top down perspective strategy game about collecting resources and trading them for weapons and armor to defend yourself against hordes of orcs that won't stop coming.Do you have what it takes for this fast-paced 2d horde survival?

Get resources


You have 90 seconds before night falls and the orcs appear,get your axe and pick and start working!

Trade for armor


The sellers will give you some armor in exchange of ingots,greedy assholes....

Trade for weapons

Reloading Crossbow 2CraftJavelins

The sellers will also give you some ranged weapons they have brought from other lands for some ingots,so greedy..

Kill orcs!


Fearless and brutal these creatures will rush at you without even thinking about it.

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Any kind of question send me an email at LFM_Games@outlook.com and i will respond to it as soon as i can.

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Pre-Alpha 0.8.6!


New launcher

For the newest version you only have to download a single .exe that is the new launcher,it checks if there is a newer version available,if there is it updates your game for you.

New Launcher [WIP]

It also has the function of showing patch notes so you know whats new or what got changed.

New main menu

Also changed the main menu,most important changed the buttons from big sprites to actual buttons,this makes it look cleaner and also makes it easier for translating the game to more languages.

New menuNewControlsMenuNewSettingsMenu

Also added support for two more resolutions,making it a total of four supported resolutions:

  • 1600x900 (16:9)
  • 1366x768 (16:9)
  • 1280x720 (16:9)
  • 1024x576 (16:9)

Added orc bodies

Orcs now leave bodies behind when they die instead of just dissapearing.


These bodies can be decapitated by any weapon just by hitting near the neck.

Bodies and decapitation of bodies for v 0.8.2

follow @LFMGames on twitter or go to my subreddit /r/LFMGames to stay up to date with Defend Against The Orcs.

Have you found a bug? Do you an idea or recommendation? Do you want to tell me how much you hate or like this game? Just want to say hi? Any kind of question send me an email at LFM_Games@outlook.com and i will respond it.


DATO Launcher

Pre-Alpha v 0.7 now available

Pre-Alpha v 0.7 now available


Introduced a new weapon and changed sprites to be more festive themed.

Pre-Alpha v 0.6 now available

Pre-Alpha v 0.6 now available


Fixed some sounds not loading or working correctly, updated the main menu and the game's icon.

Pre-Alpha v 0.5 now available

Pre-Alpha v 0.5 now available

News 1 comment

This update changed a lot of things, for example the orcs are now more diverse,HUD isn't clogging space around the player and added a new crosshair.

Pre-Alpha v 0.4 now available

Pre-Alpha v 0.4 now available


This week was mostly changes, most important the orc spawning and the trees and rocks generation algorithm was also changed.You can now hold 2 weapons...

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DATO 1.0

DATO 1.0

Full Version 2 comments

For versions higher than you only need to download the launcher to get the newest updates. Latest version:


pretty good! gathering stuff feels nice but the game needs more sound effects like some ambience in the woods overall nice first game :D

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LFM_Alien Creator

Thanks,currently working on adding sound effects.

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