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Deep Rest is a psychological adventure horror game, with focus on storytelling both direct and indirect. Combining the interactivity of the adventure genre, with aspects of different genres and mixing it with unique mechanics. You will have the ability to make dramatic changes in the story. You play a lost girl who killed herself, after suffering the sudden tragedy of her mother going into deep coma. Upon awakening you find yourself stuck. Faced with the everchanging surrealistic world of Deadwood. Engulfed by the mysterious forest that keeps changing shape and form, you soon realize its a dead end. You will encounter different characters & entities, as you progress into Deadwood. Figure out why you are stuck here, and what has happened to your mother. Did you kill yourself for nothing?

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Update 2 for Deep Rest PC/MAC, the future of deep rest, chapter overview, new reveal trailer and much more!

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Im currently working on Chapter 2 and 3, The full game will contain 7 small chapters which ties together the story, you play a lost girl walking through the purgatory world of Deadwood, after taking your own life.

New main characterScreenshotScreenshot


Video of main menu for Deep Rest Including the soundtrack for the game!


New main character has been implemented.

New multiple choice q/a system dialogue that affects story

Many different creepy characters you can interact with

Levels/chapters based off main characters emotional themes/mental illness

New intro storytelling 5-10 scenes with nice artwork scenery with text type writer style

New clever paranormal puzzles

New rendering techniques.

New audio + New refinement of thought system and rectangular dialogs on npc's.

A new reveal trailer is coming soon aswell as more information on Deep Rest and about development and future release dates/greenlight process. Thank you for your support!

Concept Art

Concept artScreenshot

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