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Main features: Survive with your dog! Explore a vast post-apocalyptic world and control a team of two fully developped characters - a human and a dog! Inspired by Fallout/STALKER Wear armor at all time, don't go out there wearing a t-shirt. Enemies, enemies everywhere. Bad news: They run!

Post news RSS Dead Years: Some news!

Here are some updates on Dead Years! We have pictures of the vehicles, ability trees and the undeads.

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Hey survivors, how are you!?
We got some cool updates today!

There will be vehicles in Dead Years! Here is the moto + sidecar prototype. (No, the dog won't drive :P)

Dead Years Moto

The ability menu is ready and almost fully functionnal. The dog gets it's own tree, with survival/combat skills!

Dead Years Abilities

The undeads! They look peaceful for now don't they? Wait until they notice you in game!

Dead Years Enemies

A lot more is going on, we worked a lot on optimizing the game and completing the UI. We also started working on the multiplayer mode, what about playing with 1-2 friends, each with a dog!

Cheers, we'll keep you updated for the mythical "ready eventually!" demo. :)

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