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Dead of Day is a modern day Dungeon Crawler game in the style of Dungeon Master and The Eye of the Beholder. The game focusses on the important decision making that you’d need to consider in an world hit by disaster. Who do you save? Who do you risk for the greater good? Is rescuing someone more important than gathering resources for the group? You make the decisions for better or for worse. You also get to choose who stays to protect your base and who goes out on a mission. Do you leave your best people behind to protect your home, risking the fact that the people who go out on a mission might compromise it’s success. Or do you take the best people with you, increasing the risk that your base could be overrun.

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Making games is hard so we've made some changes to the game.

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It's been a while since our last update on indiedb, but the good news is Dead of Day is still in development. We've had to take a long hard look at the game and the time we can commit to it and come up with a new improved plan. The game has been in development for a number of years now on and off and we're determined to get it finished, but being the designer, producer and programmer of a project makes things take longer than they would normally.

I've been through the game design and trimmed it, made it more realistic for a first release and the great art that has been generated by the artists in Indonesia still fits in extremely well, which has been a relief. So the new design does lose a few nice things, but I don't think it damages the game structure/core, so I think people will still ultimately enjoy the game with its new structure.

It's important to get the first version complete and out of the door and in the future consider adding some of the ideas into version 2. I have some plans on where I would like to take it, but they are ultimately pointless if the first version never makes it out of the gate.

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