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Lost in a forest, lighted by the moon, you discover a campfire between 4 monoliths. A book opened is laying on the floor. Nobody here. But when you try to approach, the book looks like mooved by magic and comes directly in your hand. You can't drop it, or even leave the place. The only thing to do is to try the perform a weird ritual, hoping to be free when it will be done ... ... read, examine, test and think, in this short adventure game. Will you be the one who will succeed this challenge ? Gameplay : only the mouse Languages : english and french IMPORTANT : This game uses left and right mouse button. So you'll have to try, even if nothing tells you to do. This game is not made for impatient people, but for the ones who love thing, look, listen and try.

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ascire says

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Great job for riddles and graphics


YoshYosh says

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Incredible puzzle game (1st chapter). Not really easy to know sometimes what to do (more indications could be useful), but the puzzles are very intuitive and logic. I can't wait the sequel. For a free game, made for a gamejam, it's really a great job !

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