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Fear, desperation, and organized crime dominate Dawnstar, the lawless sector of the galaxy. A cold war between the major mafias has erupted into a massive battle royal where the ultimate prize is complete control of Dawnstar. As a hot shot pilot, you're hired to help reign in the chaos ravaging the sector. You'll be provided opportunities to transcend the chaos or exploit it and position yourself as the next major Mafioso. However, you quickly learn that there are other forces at play that may have doomed your mission before it even began. Free Flight Gameplay Endless loot-driven gameplay. 20+ Storyline Missions. 20+ World zones to explore, battle and trade in. Make choices that impact the story and your relationships with your companions. Open World environment with randomly generated side missions and levels. Thousands of different pieces of equipment to customize your ship with. Co-op based multiplayer. Play with up to 4 of your friends in an open world environment.

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Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Hello, i have couple of questions.

1. What are differences between color of items? Is that like rare, unique, legendary or color does not matter?

2. Is there any side quests? If I go in another system will I find there anything interested or?

3. For what use are small and fast ships which gave shileds below 50 points?

Feb 3 2013 Anchor

1. Color determines the quality/rarity. Unique items also have unique names, so they're a lot easier to spot.

2. For the most part, the world content is randomly generated. There are some zones with big battles going on, the rest generally have distress signals that start mini-battles.

3. Travel ships are usually exceedingly fast. They may not be fast in combat, but when boosting they can be upwards of 1.5-2.5x as fast as other ships. A lot of ships aren't going to be that useful for the player, but they are in the game, so we figured we might as well let the player use them if they choose to.

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Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Thx for answer. I have one more question about shields slots? When i put 2 different shields does their numbers stack?

Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Yes .

For example 1.1 and 2.2 shield will give You 3.3 shield modifier.

And +1 for avatar :) I also like Doctor Who :)

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Mar 5 2013 Anchor

OK maybe you can explain this one.

I have 3 shields. 2 slots and 1 in inventory I am mixing and maxing around to get the most shields primary and high hull secondary.
a horizon shield yellow level 10 in slot 1. An outerlimits shield light blue level 9 in slot 2. An outerlimits shield yellow level 10 in the inventory slot I was swapping.

all 3 have the same 1.9 sheild and hull multipliers.switching the 1st and 2nd sheild slots doesnt affect the values.but switching the level 9 light-blue outerlimits shield for the level 10 yellow outerlimits shield lowered the values,
switching the changed slot with
the horizon shield kept the same lowered stats,
and switching the level 9
shield back in for the level 10 raised it back up to the max stats again.
I have full mastery in the horizon shield, and 0 exp mastery in the oterlimits shields.
I was level 12 at the time. current release as of 3-1-13How does a level 9 item with the same stats and name give better results than the level 10 same named item? Do the colors add in % bonuses?Is there a manual I didn't get when I bought my game?

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