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Dennis' adventure in land of 3D is the first GameMaker production where you explore a three-dimensional world in another perspective!

The main character of the game is 2D and he sees whole world as only 2D cross-section. But it's not all. The game includes quests, puzzles and riddles which are awaiting to be solved!

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Dennis' adventure in land of 3D is a brand new production made with Game Maker: Studio by Figaro Games. The game is viewed by two-dimensional creature's eyes. The whole world is built in three dimensions but our hero has only two of these, so he can see whole 3D world as only 2D cross-section. Since Dennis is flat like a pancake he can only move up, down, left or right but not forward and backward. This situation has changed since he got from one of apostles of three-dimensional gospel a magic red cape that allows him to move in mysterious dimension by swapping directions. Dennis' adventure in land of 3D is a game with difficult to understand plot. It's an adventure puzzle-platformer which includes quests, puzzles, riddles which requires quite different type of thinking.


Somewhere beyond the Milky Way there is a very flat planet where live very flat creatures called Flatlanders. They just don't know their world is only a flat plane that exists in a land of three dimensions. The land of 3D is called Trodimenland and it contains infinite number of flat worlds and Flatland is one of these. The mysterious world is occupied by different kinds of solids. Some solids are a force for good and some are a force for evil. There is also four-dimensional world which is occupied by mathematical and geometrical gods who control all fundamental elements which keep whole universe in stability. Unfortunately, it used to be. One day everything changed. After many quarrels among gods, Morton - one of them - fell off from the heaven. After that accident Morton lost his four-dimensionality and became one of normal Trodimenlanders. For luck he didn't lost his power, so he could still keep all three dimensions of Trodimenland. He really wanted to back to the 4D and became reconciled with other gods. During his multi-dimensionality process something went wrong and Morton exploded, and parts of his body flew away in all directions. After that accident Dennis awoke and noticed it was only a dream. He got up to take a healthy walk and admire a beautiful sunrise. During the walk he met Sarah - a two-dimensional apostle of three-dimensional gospel. She told him a story of accident with Morton. Then Dennis realized it was a prophetic dream. Dennis was an only Flatlander who believed Sarah. He wanted to help and take on this difficult quest. Then Sarah gave him a little red cape. It wasn't an ordinary cape. It had an unusal power that allows lower-dimensional beings to move in higher dimensions. Then his life has changed forever. And this is how Dennis' adventure in land of 3D has started.

oldmelnik99 - - 2 comments

Hah/ its looks cool

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JackAM - - 37 comments

I am currently studying games development and am trying to build up my CV, so if you would allow me to help you with anything you need for this project it would be greatly appreciated.


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davidfigaromacintosh Creator
davidfigaromacintosh - - 8 comments

Thank you for the proposal :) Actually, I have a problem with background...
I need three .png images 640x360, First and second would be trees, like in forest, the third image would be mountains, like here:
Because I don't know if my background is good enough... I wold be grateful if you would help me with it? Thank you in advance =P

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