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This retro point-and-click adventure is based on 3 wrestlers from England (Brain, Simon and Defender) who have immigrated to America. Brain - the worst brawler in the history of the Wrestle Zone - has won the title belt! Not even his team-mates Simon and Defender can believe it. But when Brain gets kidnapped (along with the belt), it's up to them to get him back. Street-fights, car chases, and obssessed fans all stand in the way of Brain's rescue. But as the reluctant heroes find themselves descending ever deeper into the city's darkest corner, they learn that their problems are only just beginning...

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Unexpectedly, this game caught a lot of the things that I love about the classic humor of adventure games, while bringing a new and refreshing story. It was constantly enjoyable and humorous, the characters were a pleasant blend of completely contrasting personalities, the story kept me wanting to play, and it did all of this with keeping logical puzzles. The only problem would be the length, as it ended with me wanting to play more!

This has been one of the most surprisingly pleasant game I have played in ages, and was fun the entire time. I highly recommend purchasing this game!

This game is one of the most hilarious point and click adventures I've ever played. The story is a spoof of the wrestling-milieu and does not leave out any stereotype: a 2-dimensional character (literally!), Fanboys and much more.

Not very good Graphics but the game is fun in it's own way.
Graphics are not Irritating except for that Ice Guy that looks Absurpt to me. But I still like the "puzzles" , Overall a good game


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