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Curse of Mermos is a lighthearted hack and slash game with fast paced action and challenging combat. Players wield the Hammer of Horus or shoot the Crossbow of Neith to defeat hordes of monsters in the tomb of Ebo. The game features unlockable abilities and skill upgrades for personalized combat. Special game modifiers allow players to customize each playthrough.

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Mok@ says

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2/2: gameplay
2/2: story
2/2: graphics
2/2: lasted life
2/2: song

- no save but it's old school !
+ very good graphics, it's funny


pracalic says

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Short but very playable gameplay. I play in it on my computer, so I have a view trouble with precise player direction move, but game is so good so I finish it. So i will wait for Your (TEAM101) new productions.


DeepVigil says


gamerfreak789 says