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Learn to curl! Play a competitive curling match against friends and family. Choose from 3 opponent difficulty levels or play online over Xbox LIVE. Compete for the most accurate shot in target competitions. Place stones anywhere on the ice and replay shots in practice mode. Earn awards and badges and track your curling statistics. A guided tutorial and overview of the rules of curling are included. Get sweeping!

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Curling 2010, Update #1


There will be a title update for Curling 2010 within the next month! So far, the following items are ready to be included in the update.

  • fix for the bug where opening the Guide while the shot timer is expiring causes the match to become corrupt during network games
  • fix for Code 4 that occurs when users leave a network session lobby open for a long period of time. When others try to join the game they get the error and it remains a problem as long as the session is available
  • ability to see opponents win/loss record in the matchmaking lobby
  • ability to see where the opponent player broom is (where they are aiming) in network games
  • ability to turn on extra ends for match play (online and local)
C&C-Pickled - - 1,338 comments

i am actually shocked that this game is even on mod db

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dadooGames Creator
dadooGames - - 1 comments

I added it to the indie db site, as it is an indie game. I agree that it likely shouldn't show up on the mod db site, but there's not a lot I can do about that.

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