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Cubic Castles is a creative new massively multiplayer exploratory world.

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UnderATack says

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Disappointment, game is fair and square.Players get involved and undermined in drama and get hurt in long term. It looks like a good sandbox first but just drain your money and life time, and no one cares about build or sandbox aspects of game. And you do experience issues while your not receive in game paid services.


MrJrod13 says

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I may have just started playing Cubic Castles a day ago; but I can already tell that this game is great, and it will only become greater. One of the things I like about Cubic Castles is how there is more of a focus on multiplayer and hanging out with friends than many other sandbox games out there. The only reason that I gave this game a 9 instead of a 10 is because it is hard to see what you are doing at times since the view can not go up/down or zoom in/out.


Breakc0re231 says

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A great game for anyone who loves building & crafting games. Plenty of cool player built realms to explore, along with a great variety of building blocks and items. The developers are active with the community and really want to craft a fun game for the players. Plop down a realm and start building today!

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