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In the year 2323, aliens enlist Tohm Shlcszark to prevent the end of the world.

Then the world ends.

A sci-fi exploration RPG about ghosts, aliens, and middle-aged men with gardening equipment hitting those things.


Play as Tohm Shlcszark (pronounced tome shulk-zark), the chosen one, on a quest to prevent a second apocalypse. That apocalypse is going to be much worse, probably. As you meet strange and insane people, kill robotic zombies and explore a dangerous cityscape, you'll likely decide that a second apocalypse wouldn't be such a bad idea anyway.

Corporate Fascism, subterranean subhumans, mysterious aliens, mothmen, rakes?

Even when nothing is as it seems, nothing will be as it seems.


  • Fight cyborgs and ghosts with melee, ranged, and magic attacks.
  • Meet NPC's with dynamic personal storylines.
  • Die horribly to intimidating boss battles.
  • Explore an urban environment with unique areas and secrets to find.
  • Control swarms of moths with your mind.
  • Stand on a toilet in the darkness.
  • Jump on your bed.

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First half-hour of gameplay. Everything in this video is subject to change, especially the sound effects.

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Download the demo: Indiedb.com

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Credence Filter DEMO VERSION

Credence Filter DEMO VERSION


A demo version of the game limited to the first area and the first dungeon. There is no intro in this version.

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