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Crazy Quidditch puts you into the position of the seeker where you have to catch the snitch before the other seekers. Beware though, it won't be easy with those bludgers trying to throw you off your broom.

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Bksm418 says

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This game has an unbelieveable amount of potential. Im excited to see where this game goes, whether it be a match-making multiplayer sports game, or some sort of single player. So much excitement, may be because I'm just a huge potter-head :)


ant91830 says

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10/10 This game is huge! I play a lot this game If I may give you some ideas for the next update :) Doing match, choose his team, choose the position of the player (Chasers, Beaters, Keeper, Seeker etc ...) Add more balls (Bludger and Quaffle). And why not add a button to the player falls from his broom just for fun :) Thanks for this game and I hope that my advice will serve you! ;)And i'm sorry for my language I'm French. :)


coolsphinx65 says

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Cool. The only thing I can do is fly around. One thing that you might want to change is the movements. Use W and S for Acceleration and to hold right click and use the mouse as the steering tool. That will help a lot of people when they're playing this game.

I'm tracking this game for future updates and the release. Good luck!


MarcoZuccardi says

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nice i love harry potter


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grayfish says

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