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A cute and bubbly anime Shoot 'em Up for PC. Enter the colorful world of Corona and fight your way through increasingly adorable monsters!

Report RSS Shadows of Vaniria Stage Preview: The Gates of Tranquility

After a long break, we’re introducing one of our new stages, along with monsters and bullet patterns you can expect along the way!

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Raawr, hello again!

It took us a while to get another article out here, but to compensate, we’ve got tons of stuff to show you this time! We’ll be introducing you the second stage (we didn’t have all the assets for the first stage) of the Shadows of Vaniria campaign, called...

The Gates of Tranquility

Hidden behind countless powerful wards and illusions, a path exists… A long, twisting earthen path climbing gradually towards unknown heights. Overlooked by a thousand gates, this is the only safe passage to the legendary temple of Fuuanji. Surrounded by a thick forest of shining pink cherry trees, the way may seem peaceful at first glance, but it is well-guarded against unwanted intruders...

To find out about the wondrous creatures of the hidden path, be sure to view the video of the stage in action!


Many creatures and beings inhabit the Gates of Tranquility. Here’s a small collection of the monsters Vaniria is sure to encounter on her adventures!



Kappas are cute little water monsters that are usually very friendly and playful. They have a habit of gathering in bigger groups to hold their own little private parties.

Every now and then, they tend to play little tricks on bypassers that wander too close to their home. For them, it’s all fun and games, but in the middle of all the excitement they can forget that not all other creatures can handle water as well as they do.

Kappa’s skin is very delicate to sun, and to avoid turning brown and crispy, they use huge leafs to shield themselves. The leaf also provides a possibility to harness the power of wind, allowing them to glide around.

Ironshell Kappa

Ironshell Kappa

Bigger and tougher than the normally small Kappas, the Ironshell Kappas have a high status among their communities. They get their names from their brightly shining shell that’s rumored to be as tough as steel.

Skill: Downpour


Some Kappas are able to store extreme amounts of water in their mouths, and can spray it in the air in large jets. After a while, the water rains down in countless droplets across the whole screen.

Ironshell Kappa Downpour Screenshot



Tanukis are extremely cheery creatures that live in the endless forest of cherry trees that surrounds the temple of Fuuanji. They can be found all around the area, just floating around gently with Dandelicorn flowers.

Sometimes, their peaceful journey takes a surprising turn, as the volatile Dandelicorn flowers have a habit of bursting into delicious popcorn, tossing the creature into an even greater adventure.

Chibi Tanuki

Chibi Tanuki

Chibi Tanukis are much smaller than the common Tanuki, and prefer to make their journeys in large groups, filling the skies with their cheery fluffiness. Though otherwise harmless, bumping into one (or a dozen) mid-air can be a painful experience.

Skill: Popcorn Burst

Popcorn Burst

The Dandelicorn flower bursts into numerous seeds. After a short delay, the seeds explode into tasty, yet incredibly dangerous popcorn.

Tanuki Popcorn Burst Screenshot

Craving Spirit

Craving Spirit

Craving Spirits are lost souls wandering around the Gates of Tranquility. Though already dead, these ghosts have a lingering desire to feel warmth of a living being. They often try to creep close to humans in hope of a nice and soothing hug, which rarely bodes well for their target...

In many cases, Craving Spirits are accompanied by Wisps, minor spirits that manifest as tiny blue orbs of shimmering fire. Wisps are jealous by nature, and will fiercely attack anyone getting too close to their master.

Skill: Embers of Jealousy

Embers of Jealousy

In their fit of jealousy, the Wisps bring forth waves of tricksy pulsing fire. The embers move haphazardly, causing Vaniria to require great deals of concentration to slip through unharmed.

Craving Spirit Embers of Jealousy Screenshot

Mischievous Miko

Mischievous Miko

Mischievous Mikos are powerful guardians of the mythical temple of Fuuanji. Tasked with protecting the temple from intruders, they use crafted paper amulets to keep harm outside the temple grounds and to deal with anyone foolish enough to cross into their domain.

During the temple’s incredibly numerous festivals, the Shrine Maidens put up beautiful displays of fireworks for celebration. While these colorful and sparkly shows can be alluring, it’s better to keep a safe distance to avoid getting burned.

Owing to their intense training, Mischievous Mikos rarely stay still when fighting, preferring to put up a big show up front and fall back to plan their next move.

Skill: Exorcism


Summons a flock of powerful paper amulets to exterminate evil (and less evil) beings. The amulets travel in a large arc across the screen, limiting Vaniria’s movement.

Mischievous Miko Exorcism Screenshot

Skill: Firesparkler


Tosses a wrapped bomb into a location. After a short time, the bomb explodes in a spectacular show of colorful fireworks in a large area.

Shadows of Vaniria Fireworks Display

Whoah, well that’s a lot of stuff. We’re still working on the bosses for this stage, they still need their evil properly tuned before we can unleash them on you *_*

But that’s a task for another article!

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