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It's not easy to fight undead, especially when your best friend becoming one of them.
Dig your way out of cursed cemetery in awfully cute action puzzle Cold Cold Night!


Main weapon of the game is a holy shovel, which can be upgraded up to third level, beside that, you may find all sorts of cool powerups, such as shotguns, rayguns, grenade and rocket launchers, land mines, time stoppers and protective auras

gameplay gif

On the later stages game can be tough, but the good old arcade style extend system and bonus levels will help you rack up some points and gain lives to stand against the challenges thrown at you

gameplay gif

The gameplay is rather tactical, then action-oriented, however, sometimes it is required to react fast. Game is highly inspired by such classics as "Lode Runner" and "Bomberman" and inherits same kinda slow but intense pacing

gameplay gif

Cold Cold Night is a game about friendship in the conditions of upcoming zombie apocalypse, so it has a 2 player mode with a split screen, in which second player takes role of Alice's best friend Luna, who was bitten by a zombie and players share lives

gameplay gif

Game also comes with a level editor, so if you want more fun, you can create and play your own scenarios

gameplay gif


  • Story mode with 30+ stages
  • 2nd Quest mode with mirrored maps and secret items
  • Speedrun and endless modes
  • Cool range of powerups, which starts from sweet cakes and ends with heavy weaponry
  • Old school split-screen co-op
  • Controller support
  • 8bit sound effects
  • Dark humor represented in cute pixel art style

Also checkout the tumblr devlog and twitter where I post minor updates and pixel art

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Introducing the enemies!


So here they are: an evil, hungry henchman and it's a perfect time for the roll call


The most classic undead entity of all, walker not very smart and fast, however, his unpredictable behavior, can be dangerous for an inattentive person


The happiest sneaky little bastard! Pretty good at jumping, and shapeshifting


Will find you, no matter what


The world's greatest party-dude. Party even after his death


Got nothing against anyone. Just having some good time, blowing up stuff


Bite someone is improperly for a gentleman, so he uses a flail-like weapon


Cute, undestructible evil device

So here it is folks! The first pack of enemies, who will be featured in upcomming demo, and there will be more, including bosses. Stay tunned for an enemy introduction pt2 and I'll catch you next time


The pixel art is gorgeous and the cute party goth theme is so cool.

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