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CHIVALRY: Medieval Warfare is a first-person medieval online combat game that seeks to deliver the intensity of epic hollywood medieval block busters to the hands of a gamer. CHIVALRY hurls the player into a fictional medieval world where the Agathian Knights are battling against the newly formed Mason Order for control of the lands of Agatha.

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Torn Banner Studios are currently looking for Environment Artists for their upcoming UDK project, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

Our Company:

Known as Torn Banner Studios, our company is officially incorporated and operates globally on a virtual basis. We are a fairly small team of less than 15 members and are extremely passionate about our project and the potential that it represents for all of us. Please understand that members of our team operate on a royalty basis, this means that you do not receive standard wage compensation for your work but instead will receive an agreed upon profit share in the project. More details are available for applicants. We were formerly known as "Team Chivalry" and were the team behind the popular HL2 Source mod, Age of Chivalry.

Our Project:

Building off of our success with the mod, we have decided to pursue our first commercial product as "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare", which is a first person multiplayer medieval combat game. Players battle it out in castles, medieval villages and open battlefields online in objective-based gameplay that encourages teamwork. The melee combat is very skill based and allows for full realtime control of your swings as you make them. Find out more on the website:


Or by viewing some of the latest media here:





Job Responsibilities:

You will be responsible for creating environment art ranging from small props to architectural assets within the medieval theme. Working closely with the level designers, you will be creating modular assets and props which satisfy current technical limitations and are efficient to use. Staying within our gritty realistic art style, you will be creating believable and visually pleasing art, often working from real world sources or concept art. Working with others, you can expect to give and receive critical feedback, often beyond your area of expertise.

Required Skills:

Understanding of current next gen workflows and tools
Ability to creating quality high poly models for texture generation
Ability to create quality and efficient in game assets
Ability to meet deadlines
Ability to work and contribute in a team environment
Ability to work within technical limitations and produce quality art
Clear understanding of modular design and its requirements
Ability to give and receive critical feedback
High level of motivation and dedication

Additional bonuses:

Interest in and understanding of all fields of art
Understanding of optimization
Experience working with the unreal engine
Enthusiasm to expand your knowledge
Previous experience working within a team environment
Passion for the medieval era
Knowledge of past Torn Banner (Team Chivalry) projects.

To Apply

Send resume and portfolio link to contact@chivalrythegame.com

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