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When the terrorist attacked Chernobyl Power Plant, captain Yuri Ryakov was sent to sabotage their efforts and destroy radioactive material transports. He succeeded... partially. Now, Russian Army is attacking terrorists' positions in Chernobyl. However, despite their numbers and aircraft support, they are having tough time trying to defeat the terrorists. They seriously fear the terrorists may take enough radioactive materials away, before being defeated. Yuri, who knows the area very well, is assigned a partner - captain Fedor Strushyn. Together they are sent forward and into the battle, to destroy all the enemy transports they can. This is an epic voyage right into the heart of the battle, and further away - to the Middle East, in pursue of the last stolen radioactive transport.

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Dosent Work

Very poor game

Chernobyl Commando is clearly a budget shooter game, but it's a good one. Good gameplay and a lot of fast action are the pro's for this game. On the contra side you have the old graphics. But hey, for this price it's a steal :)


very good i love it


kaboro says

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First person shooter in Chernobyl setting? Of course players will think about Stalker, but this game has nothing in common with Stalker.
Its a lot like CoD, namely follow the pointer to the target and dont leave the area while executing different shooting tasks.
Not a bad game, has surprisingly good shooting action and the graphics are nice.
As usual with many Polish developed games, the item system is pretty much non-existent. I dont know why so many Polish developers consistently chose to ignore this game aspect.

Usually the CoD style games rely heavily on show and very little on gameplay, this one has more gameplay than show which could be good or bad depending what you looking for in this kind of games.


very nice game


Tody says

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In-depth review here: Egamer.co.za


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