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As some would call a surprise collaboration; Roger Hicks (rComplex) and Paul Veer (animator of Super Crate Box) have teamed up to tell the story of "Celestial Mechanica." Celestial Mechanica delivers a mixture of action, puzzle, exploration and adventure while sporting the awesome "pixely-goodness" you've come to expect from Paul Veer and "sexy ear candy" from Roger Hicks. For patches, gameplay videos and reviews check rekcahdam.com.

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Playing as an exiled robot from Mechanica you are enlisted to break back into another exiled robot. Collecting powerup's on your way to help you push back and to once again live in Mechanica.

I liked the designs, the graphics, the gameplay, and the music. The story was aiight, but I was really looking for the gameplay the most- and i feel it delivered. I also liked the aesthetic! A double jump because it has rockets! It can do the things it can do because of technology! It makes sense and it fits!

The game didn't get a perfect ten because I had some collision detection issues with some hazards, namely the spikes in the first area- and moving between sections of the map could be a bit... disorienting?

I really like the way deaths were handled though. It felt like I was playing the game again in just one second after my many (500+) deaths so I was constantly able to play.

Yes the game is short, but I do not feel my $5 was wasted at all. Well done sir. I look forward to more.


The game has simple but very nice looking graphics reminicent of the 16-bit days. The music is nice aswell but the gameplay isnt up to the same standard.

Its a platformer. but it lacks the fun factor of the big games in the genre. This mainly is due to one thing... Tardy camera. Instead of being constantly centered on the player it lags behind abit making jumps between platforms harder than they need to be. This is especially annoying when a missed jump can kill you.

There is no limit to how many times you can die, you always respawn at the spot where you entered the area. But the respawn isnt instant like in super meatboy, the camera scrolls from the place of your death to your player. You can actually die again while this is happening believe it or not because youve already respawned even if you aint in the cameras field of view.

The story is also so bad its bad, dialog is the same. But who plays a platformer for its story.


Incredible Potential.

Too. *******. Short. Not NEAR At ALL Worth 5 Dollars. I Was Actually Confused By The End Of The Game, All I Could Think Was "That Was It? That's ALL?"

Soundtrack Is Nice (I Actually Barely Noticed It While Playing, Though) Graphics Were Really Cool, Brought Back Memories Of Cave Story And Megaman X. Luckally I Didn't Buy This Myself, Though. (Friend Had It) Because It's Only Got The Playtime Of A Flash Game (And I've Seen Some In-Depth Flash Games.) It's Not Worth 5 Bucks.


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Great game, the controls feel nice and tight just like you would expect from a platformer. Some sections are a little annoying with instant death platforming, other then that everything about it is great, the music, the art, the metroidvaniaish-ness of it.


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