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Build and Defend (or B&D) can be best described a Survival Strategic Multi-player Rogue-like Sandbox game. The game is mainly played at the 3th person (like Zelda 3). The main goal of the game is to build and organize a fortress in order to survive waves of monsters. To do so, and among other things, you will have to build ramparts, train soldiers, organize food production, resources gathering and crafting of tools. For the larger monsters, you will have to get an equipment and fight yourself. If you are brave enough, and to get the rarest resources, you will also have to explore dungeons, caves, and tombs. B&D can be played alone, cooperatively with several players on the same computer, or though internet. Several experimental mods are available, including a first person PvP, a creative mod, and the castle mod.

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Awesome game good graphics and fun to play :)


This game is amazing. It includes everything i love in a survival sandbox game and i just love it. Monthly updates keep the game up to date.


A fresh new RPG/Dwarf-fortress like, even in alpha stage the game is surprisingly complete, dozen of hours of fun, even more due to the different s mods of game-play, survival, tower defense, zombie apocalypse, fortress or even Dungeon mode which recall us the mighty rogue-likes!


this is a very good survival game


Only online mode is available and website does not work properly (I am unable to login, after registering) that is not even alpha, this is amateur


AshuraNoYami says

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Love the way the game finds a new possibility to **** the player every chance they get. The cannons are also epic, automated sentry ftw! The controls can be a bit clumsy at first, and not being able to climb ledges a bit stumping and annoying, but that also makes for a better defensable terrain. Want acess? Build ladders!

This game is amazing even in the early build that its in right now

Best game i ever played, hope more people can enjoy this soon in the future


awesome game! needs more players!

Perfect game

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