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"Breaking The Rules" is a third-person action/fighting game. Game is mainly played as a brawl, ( but can also be played in the classic 1 vs 1 mode ). Fights can happen local ( up to 4 players on the same machine ) or multiplayer up to 12 players. The game is 100% physic based, one still standing, and totally fallen in 8 of the most beautiful locations in the city of Rome faithfully reproduced.

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This game has the potential to be a great brawler, but due to some factors; like the lack of personalized key mapping which lead to the impossibility to play without an xbox controller, or the need to launch the game in admin mode (in win7-x64); it's only sufficent, at least for now as the hope is that the team will polish this raw stone until the diamonds in it will start to shine.

Breaking The Rules is a very interesting concept. Unfortunately it is quite clumsy. The underpolishing of this game is probably due to its Independant roots. If this is fixed up and given a lot more work it could be a fantastic game.


Breaking The Rules aims to be a realiztic fighting game.
It doesn’t have a HUD or health display, although you can gauge your fighter’s stamina based on how fast they move and how hard they are breathing.
Fighters move slow in the heat of the battle, like it should be in real fights. If you are locking someone then you can always quickly change direction and punch or kick who's behind you. it takes some practice but when you learn it is very rewarding.
Combos are straightforward and simple, no absurd spinkicks followed by 3 meters jump in air. but solid one-two or one-two-three hits.

In conclusion: A great indie fighting game that could become a great classic if animations will be improved a bit.

Bought it. Says, "Desura failed to locate CD key" and "The cd key you are trying to accept has expired" BS Thanks :D Awesome game!


Good job not giving me a valid serial code. I only got this game on sale for a dollar because it looked like something to occupy me for about a day as I was incredibly bored, but I didn't even get to try the piece of ****.

Having bought the game and tried it out for myself, I'm suddenly no longer surprised that they "had trouble trying to get our games onto Steam".

This game is, at best, a half finished tech demo. And not a very convincing one, at that. Save your money.


A decent brawler game that has potential if they fixed a few things like.No tutorial, hard keys, no remaping.


I really like this one, pretty damn fun and unique fighter.

Just runs like **** on a decent system is the problem.


lancepozon1 says

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yeah its bad


AROAH says

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Seems like a promising game that would be helped greatly by an in-game tutorial of some kind.