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Born Punk is a classic point & click adventure about a former corporate combat hacker getting infected with a mysterious rogue AI that starts taking over her brain. It focuses heavily on choices and consequences. Some of its prominent features: Logical Puzzles: We try to keep all puzzles strictly logical, so that no 'LET'S TRY ALL THE THINGS RANDOMLY!' scenario ever arises. Choices and Consequences: many puzzles in the game will be solvable via different means, changing the story. Extensive Lore: the player will collect lore by interacting with the game world. Lore can be used for puzzles or dialogs to produce different outcomes. Futuristic Technology: the main character is able to hack into electronic devices and use her artificial titanium claws to attack or defend herself. Fancy characters: Eevi will meet lots of weird and wacky characters, befitting the dystopian scenario.

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