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"People who hate success will never be successful. Focus on your success, and your story" ~Scott Cawthon.


A local "abandoned" factory is looking for a late-night mechanic to work for the
night watch.

12:00 am to 6:00 am.

There are only ten rules for you to follow:

1: Be fully-aware of your surroundings.

2: Always stay inside in your office.

3: Don't make any noise (This includes screaming).

4: Dial 911 for medical treatment.

5: Don't take a dump on the floor.

6: Don't touch the animatronics.

7: Never damage any equipment or objects.

8: Never bring any weapons inside the building.

9: Always bring a phone with you, just in case if you get lost.

10: Leave before day.

Afton's Auction, Inc is not responsible for injury / dismemberment.

$100 a week.

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(Note: This is a FNAF fan-game which contains it's own AU timeline, so don't take this game seriously as an official game from Scott Cawthon himself)

More Info & Credits Here!: Gamejolt.com

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