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Learn how to install the BGP GameMaker Extensions to gain access to over 40 new Drag and Drop Actions that make game making easy! This video also contains ever-present Annotations that link to other videos detailing the individual groups of Actions in the BGP Extensions.

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BGP Extensions Hub Video:

Last week's video on Callouts was the first in what will be a series of videos on the BGP Extensions and the Actions within them. This week, I've uploaded the "Hub video" which will have YouTube Annotations to all future videos, and also serves the very important role of the installation guide. After all, what good are these Extensions if you don't know how to install them?

To download the BGP Library; click either image below:

Go to Download link through Adfly

BGP Library Extension Version 3

To download the Game Builder Library; click either image below:

Go to Download link through Adfly
BGP Game Builder Extension Version 3

Mars Lander Builder:

I still haven't received any level submissions yet. But just think! NO ONE is submitting levels, which means if you submit a level now, you are GUARANTEED to be featured!
If you want to make levels for submission, you'll need Mars Lander Builder, which you can download here:

Go to Download link through Adfly

Mars Lander Builder

Share Levels:

The program contains its own tutorial, so you'll be all set once you've downloaded it. You can make as many levels as you want and share them with the level code on this forum.

Submit Levels:

You can also send any levels you make to me in a private message in the following format, and I will evaluate them for posting in a future News update:

Level Name: My Awesome level
(I will take a picture of the level)
Description: This level is awesome because I made it!

If you'd like to see some levels I made for inspiration, click here to check out this news post.
And as always,

Good luck Game Making!

~Bluish-Green Productions

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