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Blokstok Street Fight Madness is a street-fighting game with a twist towards the modern- while preserving all the awesomeness we expect from the genre we have grown up with since childhood.

Our game features all the classic game mechanics one expects from a street fighting or beat 'em up game- but with characters whose dress-sense, looks, backstory are modern and contemporary. Locations where the fights happen are 3D models of real world places.

The game is set in the near-future, where the evil Blokstok Corporation has unleashed a nano-virus that has taken over the minds of the best and most clean-hearted youth of the generation and infected them with the street fight madness - a mysterious condition where people are obsessed with the desire to become the "Grand Winner" - fight each other to get a stake in becoming the chosen-one- who will dictate part of the future direction and fate of Blokstok Corp's evil plans. Your goal is to fight and win- and to become the chosen one and save the world by stopping Blokstok Corp's evil plans.


* Choose one of the 16+ playable characters (in final game), each having distinct playing style, moves, combos and look to suit your fighting style and look. Each one is balanced such that you can !

* A Grading system which will record how you fare against your friends who you actually play against-- all recorded online and browsable with rankings!

* An offline LAN-multiplayer mode as well as couch coop multiplayer-- to fight your friends and see who is the best!

* Various Game modes to fight against and defeat opponents- in single-player mode OR in one of the various multiplayer modes (couch co-op and also wifi LAN Multiplayer).

* 16 different levels- set in actual real world locations-

Locations where our levels are set include:

(a) India (Delhi ; Bangalore ; Bombay )

(b) USA - Silicon Valley (Mountainview - Android Lawn Statues) ; (San Francisco - Mission 16th BART Station)

(c) UK (London - Odeon Cinema at Leicester Square)

(d) Canada ( Ontario - Perimeter Institute)

(e) UAE (Dubai - on the beach with Burj Al Arab building in background)

(f) South Korea ( Seoul - Chinatown in Incheon)

(g) Germany (Berlin - Brandenburg Gate)

(h) Japan (Hiroshima - Itsushima Shrine)

(i) Various other cool and awesome places... across the world!

Description of Attached Videos

The videos show gameplay of our game in single player mode and also videos shot with digital camera of children playing our game in couch co-operative mode with gamepads respectively.

The videos have been captured on a HD TV running our game in 1920x1080 resolution and on Dell 3543 laptop in resolution 1366x720.

Videos include / show the following:

(1) Video-1: Fight Scene at "Android Lawn Statues" at a public location outside of Building B-44 at MountainView, California.

The textures and modelling is based on the location as clicked in September 2014.

The fight scene in in 2-player couch-cooperative mode and captured using fraps on a 1920x1080 display.

(2) Video-2: Multilevel Fight Scene in single-player mode - between a placeholder/early version of female character Shonna K in our game versus various characters as she proceeds through various levels.

(3) Video-3: Game cinematic trailer of Length 1:21 seconds- with glimpses of various levels and backstory and game-objectives.

(4) Video-4: Game Teaser Trailer of length 46 seconds - showing level set at Saket Malls, Delhi, India - with characters Naren and Sophia.

(5) Video-5- Part of video-2 - showing female character Shonna K - as she fights through various levels.

(6) Video-6 - Tutorial Video - shows various moves- we plan to have many tutorial videos with the final game- explaining the combos and special moves that make each character- whether guy or girl- small or big- balanced and able to fight with and defeat every other character if played properly.

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I'm a Brazilian artist, I make digital art.
Do you want a drawing of a photo? A portrait of yourself or someone else? Do you want characters, backgrounds, accessories, book cover, game cover? You can contact me!
Good price, excellent art.
Anything else you want, we can negotiate ;)
Email: mihhartes@gmail.com

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