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This maze styled game is aimed at bringing back that retro feeling but with full originality. There are cool characters and differentiated objects to collect. The game gives enjoyment to those of all ages. Collect keys, open doors and use water filled flasks to put out furious fires.

Collect all the coins, then ... enter a new room and a complete a new challenge in each room. Be careful of the 'crazy & scary skull,' and you may survive the challenging mazes.

To be released on mid-Feb 2012!

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Dear fellow gamers and game makers,

As you know, 'Blob Maniacs' is a maze game scheduled to be released mid February. So, we at 'ProgressBar Interactive' would like to make sure that you know a more about the game.

Blob Maniacs was the 1st basic game we've created, and so far it seems to be successful. Although the design is simplistic, we can assure you that the game play is quite challenging.

Trying to dodge Scary skulls while maneuvering through the narrow halls in the mazes is tricky, so playing this game won't be just laid back and effortless. At times, you may forget to collect all the keys or water flasks which will put you in an unpleasant challenging situation. Don't despair; luckily there is the functionality to press the R-key on your keyboard which will allow you to restart in the room that you are in.

'Blob Maniacs' is all about timing and skill!

The game contains 10 fun filled levels of excitement and challenge.

We trust that you will enjoy this game; watch this space as we are in development stages of a new game which is called...mmm, think we'll keep you in suspense for a little longer as we are considering a shortlist of names at the moment!

Yours sincerely,

News article written by Jprogdev
Lead game designer of ProgressBar Interactive

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Blob Maniacs Windows game

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