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Blaze is a retro/minimalistic styled sci-fi first person flight/shooter action game. The game can be played almost single handedly with just mouse. It's about shooting a lot of alien things (in semi-randomized missions?). The alien things are trying capture all your base, and have already captured at least half of it. You have to defend the base and capture the alien controlled areas back. Or something like that...

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i like this a lot pretty cool like being In a mech!

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TwinBeast Author

Thanks. Done some combat testing now too. Both modes feel useful and survival rate seems to be higher when using both modes.

And forgot to mention in the description, the Tank Mode also got the "circle strafe around enemy" feature. In liquids the Tank Mode can move like the Flight Mode, but it's still slower.

And also removed the get damage from bumping too hard into walls/enemies. The earlier bump code was kind of oversensitive, and new bump code was only able to detect quick impacts properly.. but trying to slide along a surface or flying away from the surface also triggered it.. uh-huh...

Yea, and there should be some surface sliding enemies too, and maybe some that could change their movement mode like player.

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I made some alternate movement mode. The new mode is "Tank Mode". Player can change the 2 move modes with double clicking the move button.

"Flight Mode" is like seen in the previous videos.. fly around fast, no gravity, low friction.

"Tank Mode" is slower movement, no flight, low gravity, high friction, can slide on walls and ceiling, and have 50% damage protection.

They could also have little different functionality/appearance on the weapons. In flight mode have the weapons at the sides, and in tank mode have one weapon in the middle.

The player model should have some change too, so that it could transform into the 2 modes with animation. Alternatively just use the current model for the flight mode and have another model for the tank mode.

It would be nice if the space craft icon in the HUD could also change to show the mode, but with the current/default Quake HUD code that's not going to work...

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