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BlackSoul is a third person survival horror adventure game with an intriguing story that takes place somewhere in the English countryside: people have been turned into psychotic killers by an unknown infection and you must try to help Ava and Sean survive in the quarantined area and find out the truth about the infection. You won't spend all your time on a killing spree, but you'll need to solve many puzzles which will challenge you. System Requirements CPU: 2.8Ghz dual core or better RAM: 2Gb or more Graphics Card: 512Mb with OpenGL 3.0 support or better ( Intel chipsets not supported; low budget cards might not work ) HDD: 2.9Gb of free space OS: Windows XP, Vista and 7 TIME: at least 14 hours of free time PS: launch both BSConfig.exe and BlackSoul.exe as administrator if you are running the game under Windows Vista or 7

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desura version of the game doesn't work for me (mcf install error)
maybe if it worked this would be so much different, but to actually be messaged by one of the devs requesting i rate the game can only mean he wants the review fast, so here it is, broken game is a broken game

Barely compatible with Win8.1, you can get it to run but settings changes are mostly ingored. That's a problem because in WS modes the camera is badly framed so you can't even see the all the things you're supposed to click. Also means I can't do a thing to fix the graphics glitches, cant change any settings.

Control is astonishingly poor and after fighting it for an hour the fun never started and the frustration never stopped.


The game is good i dont feel this fear from the first survivals but the control and the phantom hits down mi note 6 points sorry.


this is not for me.. what the hell is going on with the camera?


Here's an odd note; why not put it here:

I'm impressed with the smooth gameplay on my laptop, which is not-brand-new.

This is a much bigger consideration on indie, non-AAA, games than one might initially think.

It has led to Desura, and the games we have through it, absolutely dominating gameplay time on the laptop.

BlackSoul, thus, appears to be well-written, tight code. Thanks.


Thank God!The Return of horror.A awesome indy game,with excellent graphics.Atmosphere,puzzles and especially is not a casual game,ruin for video games.
finished in 17 hours(excellent longevity),I want the following ^-^
congratulations to the team.


Very promising game, high quality for Indie standards.. Recommend!

Good designed puzzle

Great storyline and type of adventure I would love to play. Recommend!

A great game that builds an awesome atmosphere.

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