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BILLS is a game of skill numerical applicable in real life, have so much money that you can't count it, that is the goal that you should look at this fun game. Turn up your memory, cognitive and mathematical ability.

As you learn and have fun your brain turns on the law of attraction by images of where and how you want to be, the idea of having much, much money.

BILLS Slide difficulty is infinite, but particularly for its creators more than 4500 $ is almost impossible or is a brilliant mind!

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New Game Bills Slide


The idea of ​​this game Bills Slide emerged from a 5$ bill on my desk, and define it lasted no more than 15 minutes. This game is basically a simulator that tests mental mathematical ability, can be seen as a fun educational app, at least for those who can not count bills.

For the rest of us is an activity known when we buy at the store or when we receive the payment of wages, we have to count cash, and we count it well! otherwise we might lose money, they rarely win.

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Slide Bills have levels but these are not visible to the player, the difficulty is increasing infinitely, to the point you could have a wad of cash and a certain time to count all. The denomination of the bills are included as we progress in the game to have all the "Hall of presidential": George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin Franklin.

Already we are working on the first update, where the player can buy items to facilitate count more bills, such as: rubber fingers, leagues, weather and more.

It is an independent game born from simplicity that you can download only for Android for now

On Google Play or find it as Bills Slide

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Bills Slide

Bills Slide

Full Version

This version of BILLS Slide don't have ads and run over any version of Windows. BILLS Slide is a game of skill numerical applicable in real life, have...

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