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Besiege is a physics based building game in which you create war machines and lay waste to peaceful hamlets and lonely outposts. You must build a machine which can fulfil multiple objectives, from razing windmills to wiping out battalions of brave soldiers and transporting valuable Ore Stones. Create a trundling behemoth, or take to the skies, and let loose in fully destructible environments. Ultimately, you must conquer all Kingdoms by crippling their castles and killing their men and livestock.

RSS New Build Surface Feature - Update V1.05

Today we’ve got another update for you, Version 1.05, bringing an awesome new feature we’ve been working on for a while now called “Build Surface” and some highly requested additions to the symmetry tool.

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Hello everyone!

Today we’ve got another update for you, Version 1.05, bringing an awesome new feature we’ve been working on for a while now called “Build Surface” and some highly requested additions to the symmetry tool.

The Build Surface feature is a simple, highly customizable & powerful block/tool that allows you to create custom shaped blocks/panels for your war machine. These panels can be made from either wood or glass, both with their own characteristics that will affect the durability of your creation and how it reacts when damaged.

The tool uses a simple grid system that’s easy to master, even for you novice builders out there. You simply select 4 points on the grid and the tool will create a panel to fill the shape you have chosen.

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Once you’ve created a panel you can then manipulate it into curved shapes using the advanced building tool. You simply select the advanced building tool, click one of the panel’s nodes and drag it to the shape you want.

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The custom shaped panels you create also have aerodynamic properties which should unlock a whole range of new possibilities when constructing flying machines and airplanes.

The new panels have a health system that you can wear down by damaging them over time but it’s also possible to smash right through them, splintering the panels and sending fragments flying in every direction.

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The size of the panels you make will affect how they react to damage or being put under stress, creating a more realistic structure for you machines.The panels also use the existing joint system, meaning that shapes you draw will attach to surrounding blocks and form a cohesive structure for your machine.

This new block/tool unlocks many more possibilities for designing your machines and makes creating complicated shapes and intricate detail on your machines even easier than before.

The tool is currently considered ‘Experimental’ which means we’re still actively working to improve it and give it a polish that we’re happy with.

In addition to the new block/tool we’ve made some additions to the symmetry tool that give it increased functionality, with two new modes that will further aid you in both building and editing your machines.
The first new mode revolves around selection and modification of your machine. When you select a block with this option enabled, it will automatically select the corresponding block on the opposite side of your machine. For example if you select the front left wheel on your car, it will also select the front right wheel for you.
If you use the advanced building tool with a mirrored selection, the blocks will behave in a mirrored fashion. For example if you have the front left & right wheels of your car selected and move the left wheel further away from the car’s center, the right wheel will also move further away from the center.

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In addition this symmetry tool setting allows you to modify mirrored blocks at the same time, for example changing the speed of the front left wheel also changes the speed of the front right wheel.
The second new mode lets you perform mirrored deletion of blocks on your machine, for example deleting the front left wheel also deletes the front right wheel.

That’s all for now and we truly can’t wait to see what madness you guys concoct with this awesome new feature!

Happy building!


INtense! Staff

I think Besiege gifs are my all time favorite from any game. Love it MarcoAM

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MarcoAM Author

Haha, glad to hear it! We think they're the best way to show cool stuff!

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