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Build your own battleship from scratch, equip it with powerful weaponry and blow away your enemies (or pals)! Haul cargo, find profitable trading routes or work for hire to protect convoys from raiders and pirates. Or maybe you're sick of being the good guy and it's time for you to become a pirate yourself? Raid helpless freighters, smuggle illegal goods and scavenge old wreckages. Find your way to the center of a galaxy that gets more hostile, but also more rewarding the closer you get to its core. Get your friends and fleets ready and prepare for the treasures and dangers that await you.

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gears24 says

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Fantastic game, even at this early stage. There's a lot to do and great quality in it. Plenty more features to come, I hope the devs continue to work closely with the community!

The best way to describe it to new players is that it feels a lot like EVE Online, mixed with a next level version of Starmade.

It does require patience and preparation before you can really get into the game, which takes time. But it can be a very laid back, relaxing game in that sense as you mine and gather resources. The music and atmosphere is a beautiful accompaniment to that aspect.

Try out the demo and get a taste of it for yourself!

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