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ASA: A Space Adventure is a first-person slideshow adventure game made in tribute to Riven and 2001: A Space Odyssey. You play in 2057 as an astronaut who finds a strange black cube, which will teleport him on an unknown spaceship called the Ark. You will soon discover that you're not the first astronaut from planet Terra to come here : Philip Forte lived the very same experience in 2011 and, fortunately, he left a diary explaining his story. With this help, you will visit the Ark and try to access the various environments and planets, with one single thing in mind : going back home ! ASA was created by a single person for the love of puzzle games of an era, and if you're fond of the Myst or Rhem series, it's more likely that you will enjoy this journey ! <<With a captivating backstory and engaging, challenging puzzles, ASA: A Space Adventure is a welcome addition to the pantheon of Myst-style puzzle-adventure games!>> (AdventureGamers.com)

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I confess, when I heard about ASA my first thaught was " Ok, here we go again! The umpteenth Myst-like game and maybe another rip-off "
Well... I was wrong, luckily!
ASA is a little jewel, a tasteful game, an intriguing sci-fi history, almost perfect in every details from the beginning to the end. The plot is original and puzzles are logical challenge to the brain!!
I just finished playing it and I already miss the Ark - and Fortè's voice actor too, so charming and intense ;)
In a nutshell, if you like this kind of games PLAY IT!!!
Simon, please don't give up 'cause I need another adventure like this!


It is very personal (even if the game is objectively fantastic!).
I'm an "old" gamer; I played Myst and Riven as soon as released in their beautiful big boxes, and I still remember the emotion of discovering such beautiful worlds full of beautiful puzzles, my favorite feature in gaming. Everything was perfect in this amazing, striking and friendly game.
After so many years ASA reminded me of those beautiful times... enchanting graphic environments stuffed with logical and intriguing puzzles! To me playing A Space Adventure was breathtaking and brought me back emotions I was almost resigned not to live again...
I'm hoping that Simon, apart from his other projects, will go on creating adventure games, for the sake of a genre that should never die.

I got the original version on Desura and I was glad to receive a remastered Steam key for free. This game has become a classic of scifi 1st person adventures and every fan of Myst should own it!

One of the best Myst-inspired adventure games I've played, with puzzles that are both logical and challenging. Highly recommended.


Thank goodness that someone has at long last developed a click and point game that not only behaves like some of the games I enjoy most, but also has a good story and excellent graphics. OK, It isn't Riven, but he did this on his own. Give him all the support you can, because he has the potential to make something awesome.


u ar the best


alafa says

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I don't understand why some people here on Desura rated this game 2 or 3 ????? If you don't like slideshow games, then don't rate ASA ! You probably got it in a stupid bundle, and now you're deceived; then go back to your usual shooters and let that wonderful game have the score it deserves ! ASA is probably the best 1st person point'n click I've seen for a long, long time. Interesting puzzles, nice graphics, very good soundtrack, appealing story and overall : an incredible journey in space. The main word of this game is "exploration" and you'll discover places full of wonders if you're good enough to beat the game. This is not a world about zombies and scary things, so if you're looking for darkness and fear in adventures, then go away. Thanks for this woderful game !


Yugge says

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I got this game as part of the Indie Royale Debute 4 Bundle, it was my main motivation for picking the bundle up as I am a huge fan of Myst and any new myst-like is fine by me.

I really enjoyed this game, but it does have some problems. Many of the puzzles can be solved with logic but there still are some cheapouts with pixelhunting. The copper wire and the panel beside the cupboard comes to mind. The difference in what was spoken and written in the audio logs where kinda grating, it's kinda clear that the audio was recorded after the text was written and is structured way better then the text, that still contained typos and wierd structuring. As a systems administrator the PC part was kinda strange as well, mainly because it breaks a lot of rules for how CLI's are written, also, who would have a program which could retrieve a password from another user on another PC? And how is it that to clear the memory clear is used and not just delete to free some up?

Still, these are nitpicks and I did enjoy the game. I'm giving it a 7/10 which to me means "A good game I would recommend to people longing for a new myst game"

excellent jeu, original.


I sorry, i don't talk english good. why 10/10 on ASA ? because best adventure game from very very long time !

First adventure game I play is Myst III Exile and is very great game ! After, I play Riven, and it is fabulous. For a very long time, I not find so beautiful game.

And then, I try ASA. I'm not sure I will like, because not a famous game, and it is space, not magic world. And first install : technical problemes ! Very deceiving first... But I try more and the game works (I install the 1.2 patch and it works !).

When I can finaly play, it is the best. Gameplay is the same that Myst III and Riven, you go from picture to picture and explore the environnement. The Ark is magic, not 100% science fiction : there is this yellow particles it bring irealistic. It's great ! And not always on the spaceship : after hours, you can walk on planete Kepler and planete Forte, and on a satellite around planete Terra. World of ASA very good, and intriguing. Want more !!!

I play over 30 hours, did not use the solution (walktrhu?). Was very very VERY difficult sometime and can make me angry. But is a big pleasure to find answer of a puzzle. Very difficult puzzles, but much more interesting than the average puzzle ! If you can't solve it, the solution is given in game. No problem, can finish the game in 5 hours with solution ! Piece of cake :) But much much better trying yourself !

Story is more good that what I think first. Part 1 of diary don't tell much, but after I get more and more interest in the story of Forté, and how to go home, and what is this place. Forté is very deep person, with strange personality, and it make the story very good to follow.

Graphic is very good with fantastic video. A shame that resolution is 1024 ! Pictures have pixels, but still beautiful, very good art.
Music is nice. Not the best, but go well with spaceship.

Graphic:8 Music:5 Story:9 Interest:10 FINAL:10/10
Best adventure game from very long time, perfect Myst-like : please ASA 2 :D

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