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Arc is an arcade mashup that combines run and jump platformer action with reticule controlled shooting. The game features 4-player cooperative play on the same console/screen. Each player can freely toggle between 2 complementary modes of play, Reticule Mode and Marine Mode. Which mode you choose depends on the current threat. Enemies can appear in two different planes of the game, the near plane and the far plane. Each player mode specializes in attacking one of these 2 planes. Reticule Reticule mode can attack enemies in both planes. It has extremely powerful shots but a limited amount of ammo. Marine Marines can only attack enemies in the near plane. They have unlimited ammo and can also pick up ammo drops to replenish the reticule mode ammo for all players. Upgrades Players level up through the course of the game. There is also an in-game store where players can purchase/upgrade weapons and acquire utilities like a jetpack, automated drone turrets and more!

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Arc is a 1-4 player arcade-mashup party-game. Wut?! That means we’ve taken inspiration from some of our favorite Arcade/Platformer games and mashed them up into something new and awesome. The goal of Arc is to protect ships as they launch. The ships carry the few survivors of Planet Arc, it’s your job to lead them to freedom and save civilization.

In some ways, Arc is like an RPG. In Arc, you and your friends create unique characters. Each player can level-up by playing the Arc Story Mode either solo or co-op. As you level, you will unlock utility slots that allow equipping active and passive utilities for your marine. Leveling also rewards you with skill points that allow you to upgrade the effectiveness of your weapons and utilities.

In Arc, you will mow down evil cubes with some badass weapons, engage in epic boss fights and unlock special events. Some of the events and boss fights are designed to be their own little mini games. When you beat them, you unlock a special gameplay mode that allows you and your friends to play some fun party games.

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