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Applewood is a platformer about using apples to solve problems. It plays a bit like Gargoyle's Quest fused with Super Mario Bros. 2, with visual cues taken from Kirby and Cave Story. Run, jump, glide, and explore as Ringo the Imp in the biggest adventure of his small life.

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You can find the demo for the game here. Please take a look!

Throwing an apple Grabbing a wood carving

Applewood is an adventure/platformer about an imp named Ringo who can hover around on his bat-like wings. Ringo isn't very strong, and the forest he lives in can be a little scary at times, so he has to rely on clever thinking to navigate safely.

Ringo wakes up.

Our story begins when Ringo is roused from his slumber by a loud noise coming from outside of his hut. What could it be? There's only one way to find out. This demo covers the first area and first story-arc of the game, which means that you can discover what made the noise (and many other things about Ringo's woodland home) just by playing the demo!

Applewood is still in-development but is gradually nearing completion. If you want to follow the development, you can either bookmark the official website (Applewoodgame.com) or follow one of Applewood's other update channels (Twitter.com or Applewumblr.tumblr.com). Thanks, and I hope you enjoy exploring Applewood!

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Applewood Demo

Applewood Demo

Demo 1 comment

Give Applewood (the adventure/platformer about apples and the critters who eat them) a try in this free public demo! It covers the first area and story...

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