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Eat, chant and even puke your way through the primeval world of Ooga on a journey to befriend and free the enslaved Oogani tribes. Unlock each tribe’s lost, ancient powers and revive their fallen chiefs on your quest to revolt against the evil Boolis.

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-Foreword, Gameplay and Feel-
Ancients of Ooga is the lovable generic side-scroller-jumpy-puzzle genre but it does manage to bring some new concepts to the fray. For one, your character can swallow or chew on just about anything that can be picked up. You also are able to play as more than one character by possessing them, much like Cloning Clyde. This allows somewhat elaborate puzzles but nothing too hard.

-Story and Depth-
The story of Ancients of Ooga is actually interesting. The civilization of Oogas have been enslaved by the Boolis and the Ancient God (you) is here to lead the multi-tribe revolt. So you basically go tribe to tribe and unite all the tribes. This is great and all, but very repetitive as all chapters follow an almost exact pattern. The monotony is shaken a little with cartoon humor and small cutscenes. The final chapter also felt very anti-climatic and rushed, but ah well.

-Graphics and Music-
When I first opened up Ancients of Ooga, I felt slightly baffled at the oddly constructed men who were dancing to a groovy tribal tune. But after I got used to the whole setting, I started to enjoy it. I love the oddity of the game as a whole and I can't stop humming the main theme. It is very original (to the extent of my knowledge) but many people have been thrown off by the oddity. Either way, the graphics and music of Ancients Ooga happily surprised me.

-Playtime and Re-playability-
Ancients of Ooga is a pretty long game but once you are done, you are pretty much done. There isn't any multi-player or anything of that sort. Ancients of Ooga does have collectable bones that are hidden in every level but that is about it.

-Final Word-
We must remember that Ancients of Ooga is a bit old now so cut it some slack. Regardless, Ancients of Ooga is definitely worth playing and I thank Ninja Bee for the experience.

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Simple platformer with some twists. Not the best game in my library, but not bad (by far). Still, had a blast, so 7/10.

Great game, orginal, full of suprise and funny


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A great adventure game in good old Crash Bandicoot/Tarzan/Abe's Odyssee Style...
Full of interesting puzzles, neverending action and killer humor!

I recommend!


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