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Amazing Zombie Defense is all about defending yourself against hordes of undead coming at you every night. However, when you're the only survivor stuggling against waves of enemies who are getting stronger and stronger, your end is unevitable. The only imporatant question is HOW LONG can YOU survive? The game is a top-down arcade zombie shooter with tower defense elements. You're able to choose from nine different weapons and mount them onto auto turrets or set up defensive barricades to stay alive as long as you can. It's aimed at hardcore gamers who like to put their skills to the test, find optimal strategy, compare their score with world's best gamers using in-game leaderboards and try to reach the top!

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A tired concept implemented in a tired (and ugly!) way.


This disgusting excuse for a horde survival game lacks any intuitive system of use. If the mouse position is going to be used as an aiming device, I'd like to know where it is, at the very least. The animations are laughable, and the graphics are at best early 2000. It fails in every regard.


Simple but funny ! Nice game !


This game is all right. The idea is fun and addicting, however it gets really monotonous after a while. A few extra zombie types besides just fast a slow zombies would be nice and add some stratagy. Maybe zombies that can climb over barricades or something.

Also. aiming is a real pain. To hit zombies you have to move your mouse over their head, otherwise your aim is off. A simple auto-aim system should solve that.

Also add some cool animations. Right now everything looks fake. You could add some neat animations to make the zombies look actually dead. Other animations such as recoil from the gun and more would make this a lot nicer to watch.


Not sure about the history of this developer, but this feels a lot like a first effort. It's a dual stick zombie wave survival game with a basic inventory system for buying weapons and ammo, and it even has leaderboards, but aside from that, this is about as barebones as a game gets. I hope the developer learned and grew from this experience, and I wish them luck on future products.

Bad graphics, bad sound, bad everything - even for a 50 cents game


Not exactly giving BoxHead and Minigore games a run for their money.

Surely there would be something 'amazing' about this game, but nothing as such was found at the time of play.


loktar says

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I was surprised how much fun I had with this. As a hobby dev myself I recognized the free zombie model and thought this wasn't going to be good. I was pleasantly surprised. Hence the phrase never judge a book by its cover.

My main gripe with the game (reason why I'm giving it a 5) is because its too damn hard to go out and grab the ammo and crates. It removes of the purpose of building barriers in the first place. The items should stay until the build phase where you can pick them up. Or at least should have the de-spawn timer *greatly* increased.

Anyway nice job enjoyed playing it.

At first I was going to bash game, however I found it to be quite decent time waste. Simple game which idea is solid - however a lot of other games do this a lot better. I give it 2 stars out of 5 - equaling 4/10

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