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Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present you a mysterious and great man of very curious talent. From grand crown city of Tyan comes a lowly guardsman who has risen above the rank and file. Taller than the mightiest tower, stronger than the greatest dragon and smarter than your average pheasant. I present you, The Amazing Paulsonothon, axe thrower ordinare! Take the axe throwing world by surprise! Contains: * Three locations filled with barrels, lanterns and balloons. * Infinite supply of axes. * Birds (quite pricy ones too!) * Little bit of nuts. * Huge pile of hats, beards, accessories and leg wear!

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Simple game mechanics that make for addictive gameplay. Definite time killer. There is a skill element that isn't readily apparent when you first play, and suffice to say, pointing and clicking isn't all there is to it. For cheap as free, try it hey why not?


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This is an amusing game, but it is very simplistic. It was fun to play, but does get stale after a while. It is a very good game for passing time however, and I could see it excel on smartphones or tablets as a way to waste 15 minutes while on the bus or waiting for your girlfriend to try out clothes. Despite the simplicity, I did manage to spend 20 minutes, and if I hadn't torn myself away from the battle for the high score, I could probably have spent even longer on it.

An online leaderboard would make it very, very entertaining.


In my early twenties I used to while away boring office hours by playing a little browser game called Bash the Haggis. It was entirely silly - you were a kilt-wearing Scotsman and had to swing your bat at a sky-falling haggis to send it soaring across the fluffy clouds; if you timed your strike (the skillful process of mouseclicking) just right, your haggis would nigh on take flight and glide for miles and miles. That's all there was to it - see haggis, bash haggis, get score. It wasn't so much entertaining as it was encouraging of a mindless desire to Beat Your Score.

Fortunately, nowadays we have smart devs like Detocroix making games like Amazing Paulsonothon, taking that score-beating psychological drive and mixing it with a quirky art style, deeper game play, and hats. Honestly, without the hats, this would be a 9.6 at best.

Seriously though, Amazing Paulsonothon is hours of mouse-clicky fun and more rewarding than Bash the Haggis could ever be. Also, it's cheap. So, y'know, get it.

Did I mention the hats?)


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